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Living Legends

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The big Shared ID

The Plan

We are a network of entrepreneurial youth and young people aged 10 to 30 years, who participate with their own ideas and solutions in society. With large and small ideas, in their own hometown or across the border. We help each other in undertaking Shared IDs: possible solutions to social problems. A Share-ID can be split or cloned. So good ideas from youth and young people can easily be adopted worldwide by youth and young people in other cities and countries. The big idea that we share all together at Living Legends: A better world starts with someone else. A variation on “a better world starts with yourself “, because at Living Legends you never do it alone. You help each other and give each other confidence . If others help you, you can take action quicker and explore the idea. This works with youth and young people in their own environment and with youth and young people in other countries. By sharing our ideas and supporting each other in undertakings, we achieve a lot of change together! Together we make it possible for youth and young people from all countries to fulfil their dreams and ideas for a better world. We meet online to share dreams and ideas, to participate in projects and help each other to work out ideas for social projects or undertakings. Where Shared IDs are performed, we build local networks of partners who support the Shared IDs with knowledge and resources. And we organize meetups to meet each other online for pitching ideas, dialogue with policymakers and networks.

How we work together




Contribute to someone else's project We help each other take action Develop your own idea
In order to get to know each other and discover how we co-operate; there is the possibility to participate with one of the LIVING LEGENDS projects. After that you get the chance to develop your own idea. We would love to help you! In the online community you will find knowledge, experience, online tools, training, coaching and other forms of support. Together with help to build your own network of partners who will help you develop your idea. In exchange we ask you for your knowledge, experience and other forms of help you can share with other participants We take your idea seriously. Whether you're 10 or 30 years old. Your idea is important, your participation is important! Our definition of entrepreneuring: develop your idea, start with your first steps and just do it! Discover, learn from your mistakes. Keep that attitude until it works!
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