A better world starts
with someone else
We are Living Legends

The network  in which young people take initiatives for a better world!

  • Our passion is to enable young people to take initiative for their ideas for change! Ideas that contribute to a better society and future. In their environment, their country or even the world.
  • We see that young people are thinking about social and sustainable change. They see practical solutions for current challenges regarding living together, sustainable use of the earth, human rights, education, circular economy, employment. We believe young people have solutions on every aspect!
  • We also see that young people can help each other to work out ideas for change into projects or startups! They work together online, they share knowledge through Social Media and YouTube videos. They like to help each other and enjoy working together for a better world.
  • That’s why we make it easy for young people to meet each other online and collaborate in the Living Legends network!

Through Living Legends there is an online and easy way to work out your ideas for change and to develop entrepreneurship, with the help of peers in your city, country or other countries.

This way your idea can become a successful project or enterprise. By doing this together with a lot of young people, we can really change the world into a better place to live, learn, work and cooperate!