A better world starts
with someone else
Living Legends (hi)story

In 2013 ONE WORLDcitizens asked a group of young people aged 10 tot 30 years to develop an online platform and community where young people with good ideas for change could meet online and help each other to work out their good ideas into social projects or Startups.

This research, leaded by Ron van den Ouweland, who passed the Master Imagineering at NHTV Breda, resulted in the briljant concept and approach of Living Legends: a network of Shared ID’s, because a better world starts WITH someone else. 

In a webscast Ron explains about the research and how the outcome of this leaded to development and first steps of the concept in progress …

The research was inspired by two Great Minds and their Ted talks …

Jonathan Haidt

And Derek Sivers

The outcome of this important research shows:

The youngest generations are born to build a new, sustainable Society and Future based upon ‘Sharing & Helping’ each other to create a better life for all!